Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ladies... Are You A Victim Of Cuffin' Season?

Cuffin Season lasts only from Labor Day until the 3rd Wed of Nov., is suspended until February 15th, and ends the Fri. before Memorial Day weekend. Since this is only about having a guaranteed win on a cold night, there’s no reason he needs to meet family or exchange gifts for Christmas.

 You might think he’s your man, but he ain’t your man. No titles, please! He doesn’t want to meet your mother or be invited to couples night. He just wants to spend time with you whenever he’s available.

Don’t buy him anything and don’t expect anything. Since he probably doesn’t take you anywhere, don’t take him anywhere. No gifts, no loans, no lingerie, nothing. Just enjoy it for what it is.

It’s not an exclusive arrangement. Treat your winter boo like base—there’s nothing wrong with seeing what else is popping on the playground.

You’re probably not the girl of his dreams. When a man meets the girl of his dreams, he doesn’t let her go. If you get hit with “I really like you and I think we have a great future together, but the timing isn’t right…” then you have fallen victim to Cuffin’ Season.

- From Premiere Prep

When You Know Better, You Do Better.

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