Monday, April 18, 2011

Video Of The Day: Katy Perry f/ Kanye West- E.T.

For The Fellas: The Friend Zone

Sometimes you just don't catch the hints she's throwing to let you know you're just a friend...and that's where you'll stay. I got you! No need to waste any more time in the endless friend zone. Check out these list of signs that you're only a friend.... and will prob NOT move into boyfriend status.

10. There's no tension or awkward moments.
9. She doesn't laugh at your bad jokes.
8. She talks about other girls that you should be interested in.
7. She's never interested in doing what you want to do.
6. She introduces you to others as "my friend".
5. She stays away from you in public.
4. She asks for favors.
3. When you hang out, she brings along a third wheel.
2. She doesn't lay a finger on you.
1.She gushes over other men.

Living Single...

So Cosmo Mag came out with the top three fears that keep you single... (and sometimes lonely) ... Let me say that there is nothing wrong with being single. Nowadays, I think there are more professional, smart, & beautiful women out here who are refusing to settle for a bad relationship for the sake of having a 'man'. I think it's far worse to be in a relationship and still feel single. Who wants that? I think it's important to focus on you first. That way, you know your worth, know what you want, and most importantly... you know what you DON'T want. Check out Cosmo's Top 3... Feel free to add more...

#1 - Fear of Being Single Forever
Though this feeling is only temporary, mamy of us feel likw out lonely ruts have no end in sight. One of the big problems with this is that a man can sense this despair (and desperation) bin you and run for the hills. Try to stay positive and you'll attract a quality person who will love being arounf you.

#2 - Fear of Losing the Guy
When you start to become afraid this guy you're making a connection with might leave you, you can start to do some weird things. You  might be a completely independent person, but become clingy and possessive if you think your guy wants out. Try to trust that he's with you because he wants to be and keep that line of communication open. That way, if either of you are having second thoughts, you can talk about it instead of checking each other's cell phone histories and forbidding him to leave the house.

#3 - Fear He'll Turn Out Like Your Ex
This one doesn't take a lot of explaining. If you've come out a bad relationship, make sure you take a little break from dating. That way, you're not tempted to see the new man you start dating with the filter of the old emotions and patterns that were going on with your ex.

Source: Cosmo Magazine

Friday, April 8, 2011

E. Badu - Fall In Love (Your Funeral) Video

I love me some E. Badu....She just gives me life. lol This is a pretty dope video because you get to see her in her element. People were trippin about her breastfeeding in the video... Really? *blank stare* Peep her babydaddy, Jay Electronica, sleeping next to her. *side eye* Hey now :)

Shout out to Creative Control...

I CAN'T!!! Racks Freestyle - Cracks on Cracks on Cracks LMAO

On the low......why is she flowing tho?

Monday, April 4, 2011

*side eye* Lessons From The Mistress

Just imagine if you had the chance to talk to the woman that's been sleeping with your man. Considering you haven't knocked her teeth out, it might be interesting to hear why she thinks your man cheated on you...

Here are a few lessons for YOU from mistresses and cheating husbands:
  • Have confidence. Insecurity is a very unattractive trait. Besides, men more often have affairs to meet their emotional needs, regardless of what their wives look like. Take care of yourself for your health and self-esteem as much as to keep him interested.
  • Pay attention to him. One expert says the #1 thing men report when they cheat is a lack of attention from their wives or girlfriends. Be fully present and really listen to him.
  • Be appreciative. Don't assume he knows you're grateful for things he does. Men like to know their roles don't go unnoticed. Be sure to tell him what you appreciate about him.
  • Date each other. When you find time for a date night or add little romantic touches to a long-term relationship, he'll remember he's got the total package: history, plus sexy fun.
  • Have sex! Sexual desire comes and goes, but try to have some physical closeness at least once a week. Keep sex a special and joyful part of your relationship.
  • Stay interested. Ask him about his work. One reason men have affairs with women they work with is that co-workers notice his struggles and accomplishments. Imagine how he feels when he tells you how he kicked ass at work and you ignore him!

Blank Stare News: Damn B*tch, My Feet Hurt (Acapella)

LMAOOOOOOOO I'm no stranger to saying this...but I never thought to make a song about it. Ma'am... I can't take you, that song, or that weave serious. *blank stare*

Nicki Minaj SLAYS Lil Kim In A One Minute Tragedy

*DING DING* Down Goes Kim!!! Nicki Minaj is letting these folks know why she holds the crown as the Queen of Hip Hop right now. She dropped a diss track to Lil Kim called - TRAGEDY - out the blue and even tho it’s only a minute long, she pretty much kills Kim on the joint.

Btw... Did anybody ever get their Black Friday mixtape from Kim? Oh ok.