Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet DJ Face - The 6-Year Old Problem

Wow... Check Out This Young DJ. Don't Be Surprised If You See This Lil Fella DJ'n Your Next Party. He May Put Some Of These DJs Out Of Business. LOL

Jennifer Hudson Opens Up About Success, Tragedy, & Amazing Comeback

Chris Brown Sings About 'Skeet Cologne' On The Russ Parr Morning Show

Chris Brown stopped by The Russ Parr Morning Show for their Millionaire's Breakfast Club w/fans. The video was posted on the World Star Hip Hop site and received over 200,000 hits. If you are familiar with the RPMS, you'll know that we do a musical skit with artists when they come into the studio called - 'Skeet Cologne'. Although you can not hear the music on this video, we were definitely singing to a track. Chris Brown jumped right in and did a hilarious & classic version with us. Even though myself and Alfredas got slammed on the WSHH site for singing background... I think the skit was pretty damn funny.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GOOD READ: 10 Reasons Why You’ll Never Be Wifey

  1. You love drama. You act like you hate it, but you love it. If you didn’t love it, you would stay away from it. You and drama should date.
  2. You have daddy issues that make it hard for you to trust men. Okay, you don’t know your father. It left you scarred. Get over it. It is probably your mother’s fault anyway. She’s a bad judge of character.
  3. You party too much. If your feet are on a dance floor more than it is on a kitchen floor – you are not worthy. No, you are not. Not yet.
  4. You flirt too much. When in a relationship, that is a no-no. Shut them down. When a man says something to you, and you giggle, he interprets that as “She wants me.” Stop giving them false hopes. Or perhaps they aren’t false hopes. You dirty whore, you.
  5. You can’t hold a decent conversation about decent topics. There is more to life than fashion, music, gossip, and sex. We can still talk about sex though. But, more action.
  6. Your hygiene isn’t up to par. Sand under your fingernails. Unkempt hair. Dirty Belly-button. You smell like a hamster. You ought to be ashamed.
  7. You smoke cigarettes. Sure, you look fine now. But, what kind of person would want to be in a long term relationship with you – knowing you’ll be wrinkled like a California raisin in the near future.
  8. You take advice from your single friends. Those lonely hoes are single for a reason. Don’t you forget that.
  9. You have high expectations with nothing to offer. What do you bring to the relationship other than another man’s children?
  10. You’re a hoe. Sure, you may be reformed now. But, you still used to be a hoe. No, we will not get over your past. There are people on death row who committed murders 8 years ago. You should have been more discreet with your hoe activities. Maybe next lifetime…
-Nova Giovanni

Charles Barkley Is 'TURRIBLE'!

Charles Barkley Goes IN On The Miami Heat. I Love Watching Charles Barkley's Commentary. He Says Whatever The Hell He Wants...And I Love Him For It.

On The Road w/ Chocolate Drop

Check out Kevin Hart's Rapper Alter Ego 'Chocolate Drop'... Hilarious!

For The Fellas: The Morning After

So she rocked your world last night... Now, it's the morning after. For some, this can be an awkward moment. Here is a list of Morning After Do's & Don'ts for the fellas.

Morning After Do's:
  • Making some sort of breakfast or at least a pot of coffee in the morning, unprompted
  • Walking the lady's dog
  • Not being afraid to go for round 2 when the sun is up
  • Being able to keep a light, fun mood about the whole experience
Morning After Don'ts
  • Being in a bad mood when you wake up next to her, which adds tension to an already awkward situation
  • Lingering around her house like you live there when she hasn't invited you to
  • Bolting out the door faster than you can say, "What's your last name?"
  • Not offering her anything to eat or drink, thus making her feel unwelcome (and hungry)

The Break Up.... Cosmo Style

Here are 6 signs that your man is planning to break up with you:

He overloads at work. He may feel bad about the relationship aspect of his life, so he takes the opportunity to gain confidence at work ... a place you can't follow him to. How convenient.

He's stops inviting you to hang with his friends. If you don't see his friends much anymore, it's probably because he has decided the end is near and wants their support.

He keeps convos neutral. If your conversations aren't deep or intimate the way they used to be, he is trying to distance himself from you so that he doesn't feel as close to you. Now, he won't feel as bad when he ends the relationship.

He boxes you out. Body language is key. If your man is angling his body away from you, he doesn't feel the same way for you anymore.

He stops texting you the stupid little stuff. If a guy is really into you, he can't help but to talk to you all the time. If his texts are less frequent and are for business purposes only (forget about the cute hello), it shows he's not thinking of you as much.

Cuts off the PDA. When he's really into you, he wants everyone to know that you are his. If he stops the PDA, it shows that you may be single soon.


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