Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For The Fellas: The Morning After

So she rocked your world last night... Now, it's the morning after. For some, this can be an awkward moment. Here is a list of Morning After Do's & Don'ts for the fellas.

Morning After Do's:
  • Making some sort of breakfast or at least a pot of coffee in the morning, unprompted
  • Walking the lady's dog
  • Not being afraid to go for round 2 when the sun is up
  • Being able to keep a light, fun mood about the whole experience
Morning After Don'ts
  • Being in a bad mood when you wake up next to her, which adds tension to an already awkward situation
  • Lingering around her house like you live there when she hasn't invited you to
  • Bolting out the door faster than you can say, "What's your last name?"
  • Not offering her anything to eat or drink, thus making her feel unwelcome (and hungry)
Source: YourTango.com

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