Monday, April 18, 2011

Living Single...

So Cosmo Mag came out with the top three fears that keep you single... (and sometimes lonely) ... Let me say that there is nothing wrong with being single. Nowadays, I think there are more professional, smart, & beautiful women out here who are refusing to settle for a bad relationship for the sake of having a 'man'. I think it's far worse to be in a relationship and still feel single. Who wants that? I think it's important to focus on you first. That way, you know your worth, know what you want, and most importantly... you know what you DON'T want. Check out Cosmo's Top 3... Feel free to add more...

#1 - Fear of Being Single Forever
Though this feeling is only temporary, mamy of us feel likw out lonely ruts have no end in sight. One of the big problems with this is that a man can sense this despair (and desperation) bin you and run for the hills. Try to stay positive and you'll attract a quality person who will love being arounf you.

#2 - Fear of Losing the Guy
When you start to become afraid this guy you're making a connection with might leave you, you can start to do some weird things. You  might be a completely independent person, but become clingy and possessive if you think your guy wants out. Try to trust that he's with you because he wants to be and keep that line of communication open. That way, if either of you are having second thoughts, you can talk about it instead of checking each other's cell phone histories and forbidding him to leave the house.

#3 - Fear He'll Turn Out Like Your Ex
This one doesn't take a lot of explaining. If you've come out a bad relationship, make sure you take a little break from dating. That way, you're not tempted to see the new man you start dating with the filter of the old emotions and patterns that were going on with your ex.

Source: Cosmo Magazine

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