Tuesday, February 15, 2011


In this day and age, real friends are so hard to come by. You have to appreciate the people that come into your life. I would definitely rather have a handful of friends than a bunch of 'faux' friends. I've come to learn that everyone does NOT have your best interest at heart. Wow, when you think realize someone in your circle is an opportunist... it makes you put things into perspective. You can't tell everybody, every thing. Sadly, you can't share your success with everybody. I always say- "Sometimes the same ones cheering for you on the sideline are the same ones trying to get you out the game." *side eye* Loyalty is the number one rule...and I am loyal to a fault. The best quote to describe me as a friend I found from @PiscesAreUs: "A friend is someone who will bail you out of jail. A Pisces friend is the one sitting beside you saying, 'Damn that was fun'.

Here are the 5 kinds of friends a woman can count on for just about everything:

1. The uplifter. This woman's favorite word is yes! Anything you want to do, she'll tell you (with major enthusiasm and support) to go for it.

2. The travel buddy. A great travel buddy is flexible, adventurous, willing to try new things and comfortable with quiet time when you both need it.

3. The truth teller. She tells it like it is, but the hard truth is spoken with love.

4. The "girls just wanna have fun" friend. This friendship is all about spontaneous good times and laughing it up.

5. The unlikely friend. She might be much older or younger, much richer or poorer or from a different culture-a variety of friends add richness to your life.

Source: Oprah.com

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